Mike Cox - Princeton, WV

Mike Cox at 2007 Chicago Marathon
2007 Chicago Marathon
"Howard has been coaching me now for about 7 years, and I have run PRs in everything from 800 meters to the marathon. I am a college distance coach myself, but I feel like having Howard guide me is what I need and the results have been life changing. He pushes me and challenges me way more than I could ever do myself. At the same time, he also makes sure that I get the recovery I need to be successful.

No matter what distance I'm interested in racing, Howard gets me ready to race and that's what it's all about...being ready on race day. I'm looking forward to making some more Olympic Trials under his guidance!"

Steve Crowder - Fincastle, VA

Steve Crowder at 2007 Christmas Classic
2007 Christmas Classic
"I can honestly say that working with Howard has been great for my running. He has added variety to my routine and makes sure that I cover all the bases with my training. His workouts have challenged me both physically and mentally.

There have been workouts that I wasn't sure I could do when I saw them on paper, but he's never given me anything I couldn't handle. I've come out of those workouts with improved fitness and increased confidence. At the same time, Howard tries to make sure that I get the recovery I need.

Howard has helped me break a pattern of chronic over-training and helped me learn to train to race not train just for the sake of filling up my logbook. He's helped me learn that patience breeds consistency, and consistency breeds success."

Eric Herdman - Las Vegas, NV

Eric Herdman at 2008 Ruth Anderson 50 Mile
2008 Ruth Anderson 50 Mile
"I have been working with Howard for only six months, In that short time he has taken me from a place of 'trying to get it done' to a place of 'getting it done!'

My 50 mile PR improved 17 minutes after just a few training cycles with Howard and we recently took 9 more minutes off of it. My confidence has improved tremendously, and this is noticeable in my training and on race day. Last but not least, Howard has improved my race day performance with strategies for pre-race, race day and post event. Thanks Howard!"

Caren Jew - Gaithersburg, MD

Caren Jew at 2008 Hat Run
2008 HAT Run
"After only four months of training with Howard, I've seen significant improvement in my running. Being new to ultra distances, I made a lot of mistakes in training and ended up injured.

With Howard, I've learned consistency and patience in my running, and his training had me well-prepared and confident for my spring races. Not only did I toe the line injury-free, I felt I could have gone another ten miles. Under his tutelage, I took off more than thirty minutes from my marathon PR. I really appreciate his no nonsense, no gimmick approach to training and I'm really excited to continue training with Howard."

Devon Crosby-Helms - Seattle, WA

Devon Crosby-Helms 2008 Breakers Marathon
2008 Breakers Marathon
"Howard has me on a program that definitely is working towards maximizing my potential. The training is balanced, challenging and smart. He keeps me on track towards my goal and works with my individual needs, desires and running style to keep me consistently improve and PR.

I have only been working with Howard for a year and already I can see a significant difference in my own running."

Dalton Kuhar - Scottsville, VA

Dalton Kuhar 2009 VISAA Indoor Championship
2009 VISAA Indoor Championship
"Working with Howard this past year has brought my running and maturity level as a runner to the next level. I've had a rough year with some non-running related injuries, and he brought me through it all.

Howard not only provides me with the guidance and tools to be a great competitive runner, but he has given me confidence through his support and experience as a runner himself. I can't wait to continue working with him this year to meet all my goals."

Leo Lightner - Rocky River, OH

Leo Lightner out for a run
"Following Howard's training schedule has turned around my race times from getting slower, as I get older, to getting faster. I now have confidence to accomplish faster race times and mentally and physically feel much better while training and racing.

I never really had a coach and a training plan. I started working with Howard after struggling through the 2007 JFK 50 Mile. I feel good that I'm still able to run and am very happy to have Howard's help. With Howard's guidance this year I am much better prepared. What a difference having a good training plan has made! "

Anne Lundblad - Asheville, NC

Anne Lundblad at USATF Master's Championships
2006 USATF Master's 10Km
"Working with Howard has led to tremendous breakthroughs in my running. I have accomplished goals that I didn't dream were possible.

His innovative -- and challenging -- workouts and unwavering belief in me have increased my confidence and my performances tremendously. He is a knowledgeable and responsive coach."

Jessica Nakles - Alexandria, VA

Jessica Nakles Image
"With Howard's help I went from walking on a treadmill three days a week in November of 2006 to 1:38:42 at Cherry Blossom 10 Mile, April 1, 2007!"

Colin O'Sullivan - Athens, WV

Colin O'Sullivan running in the 2006 NYC MarathonColin O'Sullivan at the 2006 New York City Marathon
2006 New York City Marathon
Colin O'Sullivan at the 2006 Flying Pig Marathon
2006 Flying Pig Marathon
"With Howard at the helm, I'm getting faster, stronger, and hungrier to compete and accomplish my career goals. In the past year alone, I have cut 8 minutes off of my half-marathon PR (Personal Record). My last two marathons and my last two half-marathons have all been PRs for me!"

Stacey Vidt - Blacksburg, VA

Stacey Vidt at the 2006 Cleveland Marathon
2006 Cleveland Marathon
"I met Howard Nippert my freshman year in college as he was good friends with my collegiate coaches. Eight years later we still keep in touch. When I completed my collegiate running career, I wasn’t ready to hang up the sport just yet.

I sought out Howard and his expertise because I wanted to try something different, something longer. Howard was kind enough to meet me where I was in terms of training and walk me step by step through the process of preparing for something that was brand new to me. I have since successfully completed two marathons both of which were under his tutelage. "

Nick Whited - Richlands, VA

Nick Whited
2007 Mt. Masters Champion
"With Howard's help I have been able to focus on serious training and taking the guesswork out of my training. I struggled coming up with my own programs and with other coaches who gave me too much of the same thing week in and week out; not with Howard. He ensures that every training cycle is different so I do not become stale and bored. His assessment of my background was intense and precise in all areas, such as my diet, work, sleep habits, and fueling strategy on the run.

With Howard's help I have run PR's at the 50k and 50 mile distance in just 7 months of his prescribed workouts. I now recover properly from hard workouts and show up on race day ready to roll and ready to race. To summarize it best with Howard's catch phrase he often uses, "I need to race in a bad way because I felt like a caged animal being poked by a stick". If that's not getting you ready, then I don't know what to call it. "