Leo Lightner


Leo Lightner did not run in school but jogged a lot in the Army Airborne, when he was in his 20s. A friend introduced him to running, when he was 52 years old.

Before retiring from work at age 72, Leo was a corporate statistician who, working with scientists and engineers, statistically planned and analyzed laboratory experiments.

Leo’s favorite distance is 50K, and his favorite race is the Groundhog Fall 50K. According to Leo, "It’s a varied trail run with excellent aid stations and outstanding people who work the race."
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Leo Lightner

Awards and Top-Performances

  • Only runner to complete the JFK 50 Mile run every year through the age group of 70
  • 80+ Age Group Record Holder JFK 50 Mile 12:55:48 (2009)

Personal Records

Marathon 3:19

50Km 6:28:49

50 Mile 9:40:56

100 Mile 27:23