Eric Herdman


Eric has been running for 29 years. It all started as a dare from a neighbor and turned into a passion. He has raced every distance from the one mile to 24 hours. What began for recreation and fitness has developed into fierce competition.

In his career, he ran high school cross country, hundreds of road and trail races, and additionally, 133 triathlons, 9 marathons and 19 ultra marathons. Eric has recently shifted his focus toward ultra-distance races.

Recently, Eric ran 24 hours on a treadmill against "Team Many" a relay team made up of 24 other athletes each running one hour against Eric. The charitable event held in Las Vegas was held to benefit a friend. Eric ran 124.85 miles in that 24 hour stretch. Eric is the owner of Red Rock Running Company in Las Vegas, NV.
Image of Eric Herdman running

Awards and Top-Performances

  • 1st-Place Overall 2008 Ruth Anderson 50 Mile
  • 2008 One vs. Team Many Charity 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge --124.85 miles
  • 2nd-Place Overall 2008 Running With An Angel 50 mile
  • 2nd-Place Overall 2007 San Francisco One Day Race
  • 1st-Place Overall and Course Record Holder 2007 Flatlanders 12 Hour Race
  • 1st-Place Overall 2007 Running With The Devil 50 Miler
  • 1st-Place Overall and Course Record Holder 2007 Lake Merritt Half Day Race
  • 2nd-Place Overall 2006 Lake Tahoe 72 Mile Ultra
  • 1st-Place Overall and Course Record Holder 2006 Flatlanders 12 Hour Race
  • 1st-Place 2006 Cornbelt 24 Hour Track Race
  • Ohio River Road Runners Six Hour Race, 1st Place
  • Two time qualifier National Triathlon Championships

Personal Records

50Km 4:07

50 Mile 7:02

12-Hour 78.02 miles

100 Mile 18:47

24-Hour 124.85miles