Devon Crosby-Helms


Devon is a "Jack of all trades" and a master of several. Her degrees in English and Creative Writing (B.S. University of Washington), along with MLIS (University of Pittsburgh), and Personal Chef Certification (Bauman College) makes her a total package of experience and education. She uses that experience to continue a diverse workload as architectural lighting designer, librarian, and personal chef. Throw in the fact that she's one of the fastest American women at any distance over the marathon and it's quite impressive.

Devon's spare time (which is generally not much) is spent cooking, writing her personal cooking and training blog, reading, knitting, rock climbing and traveling.

Her favorite race is the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile in Carson City, NV in late July, as its views are as beautiful as its terrain is brutal.

After starting her younger years in sports playing basketball and soccer, she was always the one with the best lungs for going all day. She ran her first half marathon in high school to see if she could make it and when she did, she decided to shoot for longer distance goals.

Devon's race at the 2007 Jed Smith 50k was her second ultra and the fastest time for an American woman at 50K in 10 years. She has been a scoring member of the United States 100Km Team for the last two years (2007, 2008).
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Devon Crosby-Helms

Awards and Top-Performances

  • 11th-Place - 2008 California International Marathon
  • 10th-Place - 2008 IAU 100Km World Cup
  • 1st-Place - 2008 Breakers Marathon
  • 1st-Place - 2008 Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon
  • 1st-Place - 2008 Vermont 100 Mile
  • 1st-Place - 2008 Leona Divide 50 Mile (2nd fastest all-time)
  • 1st-Place - 2008 Chuckanut 50Km (3rd fastest all-time)
  • 2nd-Place - 2008 Orcas Island 50Km
  • 1st-Place and Course Record Holder - 2008 Pigtails 50Km
  • 1st-Place - 2007 Ron Herzog 50Km
  • 15th-Place - 2007 IAU 100Km World Cup
  • 3rd-Place - 2007 Headlands 50Km (USATF National Championship)
  • 1st-Place and Course Record Holder (by 21 min)- 2007 Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile
  • 1st-Place - 2007 Quicksilver 50Km
  • 2nd-Place - 2007 Mad City 100Km (USATF National Championship)

Personal Records

Marathon 2:49:51

50Km 3:32:02

50 Mile 7:44:18

100Km 8:01

100 Mile 18:31